Monday, March 12, 2018


Back in the autumn, the Guild invited Chawne Kimber to present a program. It was one of the best guild programs I've attended. Not just because the work she shared with us was gorgeous, unique, and practically perfect, but because of who she is: a gentle and generous woman. 

So when The Powers That Be decided that a Chawne Kimber workshop was in order, I signed up immediately, without even checking to see what we were going to be learning! The idea of a whole day with this woman just made me purr. It turned out that we were going to learn mini quilts. Here's our teacher with some of the samples she brought to share with us.

The samples were passed around for us to scrutinize and fondle. We were dazzled. And as Chawne talked, we looked at the various things she had done and ideas began to form in our own heads.

This Ohio Star is one of the samples she shared. I photographed it with a Bic pencil to give an idea of the size of it.

Chawne urged us to be creative, but -- good teacher that she is -- she knew that some of us would want a planned project to work on and I was one of that group. Her project was squares-in-squares and she offered it in three sizes. The sample was in the largest size. I opted for the middle one. I made many of the components that day, but not all of them. Today I finished the little blocks and assembled my project. Chawne's design is called "Roberta." I have a very dear friend Roberta who I've always called "Reberta," so this little quilt -- now pinned and ready for hand quilting -- is called Reberta.

Reberta finishes at 8-1/2". Yup. 

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Amy McGrath for Congress!

By the end of this post, if you read that far, you'll understand the connection between the heading and the photo!

Awhile back my friend Margaret came across a campaign video for Amy McGrath, a Democratic woman from Kentucky who wants to be a member of Congress. She's not quite "mad as hell and not going to take it any more," but pretty darned close. Read the article. Play the video. She's my our kind of woman. Margaret was so impressed that she (1) sent a contribution to Amy's campaign and (2) urged Facebook friends to do likewise. I played the video and sent my money. 

But that wasn't enough. Margaret's holding a social event next week where attendees are urged to bring stories about strong women to share AND offer something for a raffle. The raffle money will be sent to Amy's campaign.

The idea of this fabulous Kentucky woman's getting money from a pocket of women from Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, tickles me no end. I'm going to the social event but not bringing a story. I'll listen instead (the world needs an audience). And I made this beach bag for the raffle.

Go on. Click the link. Read the article. Watch the video. See if you can resist helping this woman win. As Josh and Toby would say, "She's the real thing."

Saturday, March 03, 2018

Third Post in Three Days!

I have the feeling I showed one of these quilts previously; it was the first binding project for the Olympic viewing. But since I made two, I thought I'd share them again. They are baby quilts made from some of the Allison Glass, et al. scraps (and there are still some left!). The machinist quilted alphabets on them. 

They are string pieced on telephone book pages. I pieced a whole block, trimmed it to size, matched it up with a low volume square, drew a diagonal line along the center green strip, stitched 1/4" away on either side of the line, and then cut on the line. Easy peasy. And fun. 

Here are the two separately and without their guard!